Peyton Property Terms and Conditions

1. Bond

The tenant will be expected to pay one months rent as a bond, and one months rent in advance. There is a £100 charge to cover administration costs, this is not refundable.
If you have seen a property that you like and would like us to hold the property we may take a holding deposit which will be deducted from the bond when the tenancy agreement is completed.

2. Reference checks

If you like the property, you will have to pass reference checks. This  is covered in the admin fee (£100).
If you pass, you may be asked to pay a reservation fee or holding deposit. Normally, you will lose this if you change your mind and decide not to take the property.
We will consider tenants on local housing allowance or a student.

3. Tenancy Types

We offer:
 Assured Shorthold tenancy
Most new tenancies today are Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST).
These usually include a 'fixed term' of 6 months. Where there is no fixed term, the tenancy is called a 'periodic tenancy'.
Under an AST, as long as the terms of the tenancy have not been breached, we cannot regain possession until after six months (or longer if the fixed term is longer).
However, after the fixed term has ended (or six months if there was no fixed term), we can regain possession by giving you two months notice in writing.
 We can agree to extend the tenancy so it becomes what's called a periodic tenancy, without needing to issue a new agreement. This can also occur by both landlord and tenant not making any arrangements at the end of the term of tenancy, resulting in the term automatically lapsing in to a periodic tenancy.
On a periodic tenancy, if we wanted the property back, we would still need to give you two months' notice. Or if you wanted to leave, you would need to give notice - which would be one month.

4. Pets

Pets are accepted at our discretion. However we can not guarantee that all pets will be allowed. Please make enquiries prior to taking on this responsibility.

5. Tenants are expected to:
  • Pay rent on time - normally one month in advance
  • Pay other bills. You'll be paying council tax, utilities (including water), TV licence and telephone charges
  • Respect neighbours - so no making noise, putting rubbish in the wrong place or obstructing common areas
  • Look after the property
  • Tell us if you are going away for longer than 14 days - because this will affect our insurance policy
  • Keep the property secure at all times - so lock it when you go out and don't give keys to anyone else
  • Tell us when things need fixing to avoid bigger problems later - e.g. a leaking pipe, if not maintained, could make a ceiling collapse
  • Do basic maintenance - e.g. change light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries.
Obviously, you must not engage in any illegal activity at the property and nor can you:
  • Alter the property in any way, including hanging anything on the walls or re-decorating without written permission
  • Use the property as a business
  • Sub-let
Tel: 01656 661925
Mobile: 07837 797462